What We Do

It’s never too early to begin creating a distribution plan. In fact, we believe distribution plans should be in the works well before a film is finished.

Now in its 13th year, Argot Pictures is an industry favorite, Brooklyn-based distribution company that focuses on connecting unique, high-quality documentaries and features with audiences. We work in partnership with directors and producers to garner the best possible exposure for your work and maximize revenue across all windows. From festival launch all the way through theatrical, digital and beyond, Argot shepherd works through the ever-changing distribution landscape by crafting a unique path for each film.

For a free initial consultation regarding any of the following areas, please e-mail Jim Browne at jim@argotpictures.com.  Include a brief description of your project and let us know what you’re looking for. 


The launch of your work at festivals plays an instrumental role in the positioning of the film in the marketplace. Additionally, in many cases, festivals represent an important revenue stream.  

Our experience in festival programming at major festivals around the globe allows us to carefully craft the best international and domestic festival strategy for your film and ensures that each festival screening is an opportunity to connect with audiences and helps build the profile of your film.

Argot has a large network of relationships with programmers and has booked films at a wide-range of festivals that encompasses not only top-tier festivals, but also regional festivals and niche-specific film festivals.


We craft innovative and sensible theatrical strategies that are tailored to the uniqueness and potential of your film.

  • We set-up and manage theatrical booking campaigns from nationwide engagements to one-off screenings
  • We book films at a wide-range of venues from multiplexes to single-screens and community centers


We strive to maximize promotional efforts without busting budgets. 

We offer services for marketing your film, connecting and engaging with audiences at in-person events and online by: 

  • Identifying selling points and designing the positing of the film
  • Establishing messaging and visual identity through the creation of marketing materials including trailer, key art, press kit, etc.
  • Crafting publicity strategies to maximize general and specialized press exposure
  • Budgeting and managing targeted advertising campaigns across all media
  • Spearheading targeted grassroots outreach establishing partnerships with key interest groups and organizations 
  • Optimizing social media efforts to boost audience engagement


Argot can help ensure the inclusion of your film into curricula and handle all aspects of educational distribution by:

  • Setting up screenings at schools, colleges/universities and various educational institutions 
  • Selling DVDs and digital licenses
  • Generating educational-focused publicity


Argot can craft your distribution strategy beyond theatrical and non-theatrical and help maximize revenue by negotiating deals on your behalf or consulting on the exploitation of all other ancillary rights including:

  • Major digital platforms (TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, FVOD)
  • Television sales
  • Foreign sales


Argot is increasingly taking the role of producer for select projects. Our feedback in the development and editing process can prove instrumental in helping to position your project in the marketplace.