What We Do

Distribute / Promote / Produce

Argot Pictures is a distribution company that focuses on unique, independently produced, high-quality documentaries and features. We work in partnership with directors and producers to garner the best possible exposure for your work. From festival launch all the way through theatrical, digital, VOD and broadcast, Argot can shepherd you through the often confusing and constantly changing morass of distribution options.

We believe that it’s never too early to begin creating a distribution plan. In fact, distribution plans should be in the works well before a film is finished. This not only increases the chances of securing financing, but can also help the early positioning of the film in the marketplace once it’s complete. We work with filmmakers through all stages of development, oftentimes coming on board in a producing capacity to help with fundraising, budgeting, social media planning and beyond.

Areas of expertise include:


We work with filmmakers and producers in crafting unique, sensible and creative theatrical strategies that are tailored to the scale and potential of each individual film.

  • We work to book films in as many markets as possible.
  • We strive to maximize press and local promotional opportunities without busting budgets.


We offer services for promoting and marketing your film via grassroots outreach, identifying niche audiences, establishing a presence on key social networks and partnering with relevant interest groups and organizations.

  • Executing and implementing grassroots outreach and public relations campaigns.
  • Optimizing social media marketing efforts.
  • Staging and managing event-based bookings.
  • Budgeting and managing targeted advertising and promotion across all media from print to street teams.
  • Partnering with key non-profits and online communities.


Now in our 11th year, Argot is increasingly taking the role of producer for select projects. Our experience in festival programming and production gives us unique insight into the strategies that allow some films to stand apart from the pack while others get lost in the shuffle. Our feedback in the development and editing process can prove instrumental in helping to position your project in the marketplace.


Argot specializes in booking and selling films to schools, universities, libraries and other educational institutions.


As some films garner interest outside of the theatrical marketplace, Argot can not only manage and oversee the production of posters, t-shirts, soundtracks, and DVDs, but can also offer direct-to-consumer sales or channel goods though national wholesale outlets.


ARGOT can negotiate or consult on the exploitation of all other ancillary rights including:

  • VOD
  • Television
  • Digital Rental & Download
  • Foreign Sales

If you’re interested in any of our services, please send a e-mail to jim@argotpictures.com.  Send us a paragraph description about your project and let us know what you’re looking for. If we’re interested, we’ll request a screener and proceed from there.